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Use Cases - Examples

With BotGame API, it’s possible for ANY game of ANY game type to use our API system.

Entities can be anything you like, typically, objects or ‘things’ that contain attributes.

Such as enemies, card decks, dice, prize wheels, loot boxes, weapons, building pieces, map seeds… you name it.

Below are some ‘examples’ of what you can use BotGame API for, but these are not limits… just examples.

Loot Boxes

Let’s imagine your game contains ‘loot boxes’.

Inside those loot boxes, you may have a pre-determined or random amount of resources. You would create your loot boxes as ‘entities’ and then list the ‘attributes’ of said loot boxes.

You can opt to have a pre-determined amount of resources or create a dynamic range of resources.

You can update the loot boxes at any time on the dashboard and they will reflect across all your games in real-time.

Custom Game Loot Boxes


Let’s say you’re creating a first person shooter game.

Each enemy will have its own set of attributes which can be as simple or as complex as you want.

You can define simple things such as strength, agility, weapon type.

If you want to get more complex, you can define more complex attributes such as boots they’re wearing, skin color, hair color and even accents. You can even select from random.

Custom Game Enemies

Slot Machine Prize Wheel

If you’re creating a slot machine or casino game, you can host all your entities online and update them in real-time.

For the sake of this example, you could host your odds for the prize wheel, which you can change instantly and in real-time across all devices by just changing the value in your dashboard.

You can create the entities, you can create and modify the attributes of said entities at any time.

Slots Prize Wheel Odds

AI Players

If you’re creating a card game which features AI Players then you are in for a right treat.

You would setup your AI Players as entities, give them attributes such as skill level, avatar, hair color, odds of passing etc.

You can then choose to also Group your AI Players into groups so you can call up a single AI Player or a specific set of AI Players.

It’s never been so easy.

You can update the AI Player attributes at any time and it will reflect into your game as soon as you submit.

Custom Card Game Players