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API Pricing

BotGame API is free for everyone to use.

We have different tiers available via donation, but don’t worry, just start on the free tier and see how you like it.

Some developers are ok sticking with the free plan, however, if you need more resources… no fear. We have a couple of donation plans to suit you.

BotGame API is run purely from donations.


Just a simple donation is required if you want to level up.

Our pricing is very simple, static and transparent.

Prices are in USD.



$10 / Month
$100 / Year
(2 months free)


$25 / Month
$250 / Year
(2 months free)


How our API system works is, every account or API key has a ‘Ticket Bucket‘.

Every time you make an API request, a ticket is removed from the bucket.

All buckets are re-filled on the hour, every hour.