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Enhance your game developments online.

BotGame API is a new online portal which allows you to integrate dynamic features into your game developments for free.

It’s a complete cross-platform solution and allows for any type of game, developed with any game engine to dynamically link and utilise data in real-time.

Stop updating your games with information that can be controlled online.

BotGame API

Dynamic Game Development

Game Entities
Game Entities

Create a catalog of your game entities and update them in real-time. Whether they be enemies, AI players, loot boxes, decks of cards or prize wheels. The possibilities are completely endless.

Entity Attributes
Entity Attributes

Specify a wide array of attributes for each entity. Choose from Numerical or String values, singular or multiple choices. Attributes define what the entity is and what can vary and what is optional.

Game Entity Groups
Entity Groups

Group your entities so you can call up a group or series of groups to choose from.

Defining groups for your entities is easy, like defining a pack of cards, or a group of enemies, or a random select of loot boxes.

Completely Cross-Platform

BotGame API is completely cross-platform. It is available for any custom game engine, any development environment or any programming language.

Our API is supported in Unity, Unreal Editor, Clickteam Fusion, Game Maker, Construct, Cry Engine and any other game engine with web connectivity.

No More Game Updates

By using BotGame API, you no longer need to push out game updates for asset information such as enemy stats, card attributes, prize wheel odds, loot box information.

You can update your groups, entities and entity attributes in real-time which will reflect across all your games in real-time.

Need to change something quickly? Change it via the dashboard and see instant results in your games across all platforms including desktop, mobile, web and console.

Mathematical Evaluation

Use our real-time, online mathematical expression evaluator to evaluate any type of mathematical expression in real-time.

Simply send the string to our server and let our server do the lightning fast evaluating then return you the answer.

Supports all major operators and expressions.

Random Number Generator

Need an absolute random number generated in real-time? We got you.

Using our sophisticated, white noise RNG, you can query a single random number or you can specify a min and max range to produce a number from.

Get Started for Free

BotGame API is free for everyone to get started with.

Just simply sign up with your name and email address and we’ll create you a free account to get you going.